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Candle manufacturers in delhi


Candle manufacturers in delhi
Candle manufacturers in delhi

Candle manufacturers in delhi

Aastha is the leading candle manufacturer and wholesale supplier of candles and aroma product. We offer quality products at affordable price.

Delhi is the capital of India and also known as the heart of India. Delhi is very famous for its history. But the market of Delhi is also focusing part. But do you know in market 50% products are supplied by us. Lots of candle manufacturers in delhi and retailers buy products from us because we provide quality products at affordable price. we also provide 20% discount on bulk order. Our main plant is situated in Hyderabad, guntur and Visakhapatnam. Some partner plants are in delhi, Pune, Mumbai, nashik, Bangalore etc.

If you want to contact us you can send us message in our contact us page or you can directly contact out executive mobile number which is given below the site. Bargain is allowed but it has term and condition.

Good news for candlesmanufacturers:-

Huge database of candle manufacturer



Hello candle manufacturer we have good news for you. Our website is ranked on first position and first page of Google we are getting international traffic and buyers. We will help you to boost your business by our site. What we will do for you

1. We will create professional catalog in our site.

2. We will create your mini website and database of your products.

3. We will do online marketing for you.

4. You will get genuine leads.

5. We will boost your visibility in market.

6. We will share our database with you.

And much more…

Please contact us to create your account on our site.

Visit our online store  you will get existing offers and lots of products.

We are leading candle exports in India. Our main clients are from USA, UK, Germany and UAE. We focused on quality products at affordable price.




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  1. Very nice information. I’ll definitely buy candles from you guys.

  2. Very nice company they provide quality candles at affordable prices. I’ll be there regular buyer. I think this is the best company in India for buying candles. And there team is very supportive.

  3. Very good information I think your this project will help us to find more buyers.

  4. Very nice information. I want to by your plans. I m also candle manufacturer in delhi

  5. Very nice information sir. I am looking for candles for wholesals as my friend brought candles from you and she is very glad to take your services. And I am also need your services. Please give some discount on candles.

  6. Very nice service sir. You guys really provide quality candles at affordable price. Thank you for your service

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