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Candle Manufacturers in Mumbai

Candle Manufacturers in Mumbai:-

Candle Manufacturers in Mumbai

Candle Manufacturers in Mumbai

there are lots of candles manufacturers in Mumbai but what about quality. aastha candles is the leading candles manufacturer in india. we make quality candles at affordable price. we also provide our services in Delhi, Vijayawada, Hyderabad etc . we make all types of candles like tealight candles, floating candles, pillar candles etc. we provide wholesale candles to retailers and distributors. we also export our products to USA, UK, SPAIN, CHINA, AFRICA, UAE etc.

Business opportunity with aastha candles. we provide franchise to business persons who really want to build good market. we supply our products to Punjab, Delhi, Maharashtra, UP, MP, Gujarat etc our retailers and distributors are very happy by doing business with us. we are always ready to help our business partners please contact us or send inquiry so that our team member will contact you.

This year we supplied carving candles to USA, UK, SPAIN and UAE. around rs 4 crore candles we exported in each country and all our buyers made good profit from it. we also provide tealight candles wholesale in India you can buy tealight from us our minimum order quantity is 10000 pieces price of our tealight is rs1.70/ pic.

we are inviting all Mumbai retailers to join our community and business its very helpful for your growth. we are focusing on best delivery with quality products.


candle manufacturers in mumbai

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