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candle manufactures in vijayawada

candles manufacturer vijayawada

candle manufactures in Vijayawada. Aastha Candles is the leading candles manufacturer and wholesale supplier  in Vijayawada we create quality candles at affordable price. we manufacture lots of candles like tealight candles, scanted candles, chunk candles etc.

Vijayawada city was ruled by King Madhava Varma. madahav varma was very passionate for aroma candles he used to lit aroma candles in his hall to improve the environment of hall.This aroma calm down all team members of hall and let them to think strategies very effectively.

on the basis of this tradition we started making scanted candles for office use and for spa. we use 100% pure essential oils to make good quality aroma candles. we use pure paraffin wax which contain only 0.3% oil and has 62-63 c melting point.


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  2. really aastha candle’s products are very attractive and good looking. and quality is very best.

  3. Aastha candles is very good company in candle making. Yes I think every Indian company should try candles in there office.

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  6. candles are really beautiful. Gives the attractive look to its surrounding.

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  12. […] in india. we make quality candles at affordable price. we also provide our services in Delhi, Vijayawada, Hyderabad etc . we make all types of candles like tealight candles, floating candles, pillar […]

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