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Candle Manufacturers in Mumbai

Candle Manufacturers in Mumbai:-

Candle Manufacturers in Mumbai

Candle Manufacturers in Mumbai

there are lots of candles manufacturers in Mumbai but what about quality. aastha candles is the leading candles manufacturer in india. we make quality candles at affordable price. we also provide our services in Delhi, Vijayawada, Hyderabad etc . we make all types of candles like tealight candles, floating candles, pillar candles etc. we provide wholesale candles to retailers and distributors. we also export our products to USA, UK, SPAIN, CHINA, AFRICA, UAE etc.

Business opportunity with aastha candles. we provide franchise to business persons who really want to build good market. we supply our products to Punjab, Delhi, Maharashtra, UP, MP, Gujarat etc our retailers and distributors are very happy by doing business with us. we are always ready to help our business partners please contact us or send inquiry so that our team member will contact you.

This year we supplied carving candles to USA, UK, SPAIN and UAE. around rs 4 crore candles we exported in each country and all our buyers made good profit from it. we also provide tealight candles wholesale in India you can buy tealight from us our minimum order quantity is 10000 pieces price of our tealight is rs1.70/ pic.

we are inviting all Mumbai retailers to join our community and business its very helpful for your growth. we are focusing on best delivery with quality products.


candle manufacturers in mumbai

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Tea Light candles wholesale india

tea light candles wholesale

Tea light candles wholesale India

aastha candles is leading tea light candle manufacturer and exporters in India. Tea light candle is good choice to decorate your home in any event and festival. This candles are also good removing depression. Lots of massage center and mind relaxing centers use tealight to improve there mental abilities.

Tea light candles are very important in Marriages and birthday parties. This can improve the charm and beauty of marriage event. India’s biggest marriage which was held in ambey valley they used lots of tea light candles to make environment beautiful. We make quality candles at affordable price.

tea light candles wholesale
We provide discount on bulk order and special events. Please contact us on the given mobile number in contact us page and at the bottom of site. You can give us custom order and we will make candles as per your requirement. 





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Find magnificent Pillar Candles Online India to light up the ambiance

Lighting up the ambiance for a special occasion with the aid of designer candles is what everyone hopes from the loved ones. Candles are also used in wedding, parties, and other social gatherings. They are also used in worshipping purpose. Some candles are scented whereas the designs make the environment very beautiful and romantic. The essence of the dim flames and the innovative designs are unique additions in a house to decorate and fashion a particular ambiance.

Unique features of the candles

Candles have been used since ages in many cultures to show faith or celebrate an occasion. Decorating altars or creating a theme, candles have always been a part and parcel of the special occasions and festivals.

The Pillar Candles Online India is of many kinds to choose from. They vary in shape, colors, themes, and designs. You will find tapered, ball shaped, cubed, circular, multi-wick, and various other designs in the stores. In fact, the candles are now being produced keeping a particular use in mind.

You will get candles for wedding, birthdays, worshipping, tea parties, etc. Pillar candles find their way on almost every occasion. The candles can vary from 5 inches to 12 inches or more in length with patterns and designs made by multiple colors of waxes.

The candles are cylindrical or rectangular in nature. In some cases, it can be shaped as per the desire and occasion by the manufacturers. Typically, scented ones come in glass containers to keep the fragrance intact. Scented candles come in various fragrances like jasmine, cinnamon, sandalwood, spices, floral scents, etc. Depending on the mood and occasion, the choices are made.

The Candle Manufacturers in India often uses gel, wax, paraffin, or soy wax to fashion a candle. The experts suggest choosing monochromatic ones to complement a simpler background whereas multi-colored to represent a bouquet or a floral design. The pillar candles are often bought by the users to decorate the interior of a house. These candles are solely used as ornamental additions that comply with the internal ambiance of the house.

Pillar candles as gifts

During the festivals of light, you can search for Pillar Candles Online India and present it as a nice gift to your well-wishers. The candles are made with unique designs to suit the decoration of the rooms. They look really good in the living room. In fact, the candles can also be used for specific occasions. Due to the big size and high-quality material used, the candles burn for a long time without causing too much smoke.

Some candles also come with complimentary designs made on them. The packaging itself can be an ornamental addition to the candles. The cost of the pillar candles are absolutely feasible and can be used in bulk without any worry. The candles do not pose health threats and are absolutely safe to use.


Use your imagination and find the righteous designs of pillar candles. Surprise your near ones with the gift of light and fill their life with brightness and hope.

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Candle manufacturers in delhi


Candle manufacturers in delhi
Candle manufacturers in delhi

Candle manufacturers in delhi

Aastha is the leading candle manufacturer and wholesale supplier of candles and aroma product. We offer quality products at affordable price.

Delhi is the capital of India and also known as the heart of India. Delhi is very famous for its history. But the market of Delhi is also focusing part. But do you know in market 50% products are supplied by us. Lots of candle manufacturers in delhi and retailers buy products from us because we provide quality products at affordable price. we also provide 20% discount on bulk order. Our main plant is situated in Hyderabad, guntur and Visakhapatnam. Some partner plants are in delhi, Pune, Mumbai, nashik, Bangalore etc.

If you want to contact us you can send us message in our contact us page or you can directly contact out executive mobile number which is given below the site. Bargain is allowed but it has term and condition.

Good news for candlesmanufacturers:-

Huge database of candle manufacturer



Hello candle manufacturer we have good news for you. Our website is ranked on first position and first page of Google we are getting international traffic and buyers. We will help you to boost your business by our site. What we will do for you

1. We will create professional catalog in our site.

2. We will create your mini website and database of your products.

3. We will do online marketing for you.

4. You will get genuine leads.

5. We will boost your visibility in market.

6. We will share our database with you.

And much more…

Please contact us to create your account on our site.

Visit our online store  you will get existing offers and lots of products.

We are leading candle exports in India. Our main clients are from USA, UK, Germany and UAE. We focused on quality products at affordable price.




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candle manufactures in vijayawada

candles manufacturer vijayawada

candle manufactures in Vijayawada. Aastha Candles is the leading candles manufacturer and wholesale supplier  in Vijayawada we create quality candles at affordable price. we manufacture lots of candles like tealight candles, scanted candles, chunk candles etc.

Vijayawada city was ruled by King Madhava Varma. madahav varma was very passionate for aroma candles he used to lit aroma candles in his hall to improve the environment of hall.This aroma calm down all team members of hall and let them to think strategies very effectively.

on the basis of this tradition we started making scanted candles for office use and for spa. we use 100% pure essential oils to make good quality aroma candles. we use pure paraffin wax which contain only 0.3% oil and has 62-63 c melting point.


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how to make chunk candle

how to make chunk candle

In this project, I make a chunky rectangular candle using a drinks carton as a mould and by reusing old candles – this is a great way to recycle any you’ve got lying around.

To keep things simple, I’ve used just one colour of old candles but you could get very interesting results by using several colours. Just make sure they’re unscented (or all the same scent) and are made of the same wax as each other. The candle is bound together using 25% of fresh wax.\

You will need:

A drinks carton (mine was a 1ltr cranberry juice)
An icecube tray (which must never be used for ice afterwards)
Some old candles – only use pillar candles and votives
Some paraffin pillar blend wax (most candles you’ll buy are paraffin)
LX26 wick
Stirrer and wick stick/pencil

Mix and match ingredients as you like – just stick to one wax type and don’t use container wax or you’ll get a soft, unusable, candle.