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how to make chunk candle

how to make chunk candle

In this project, I make a chunky rectangular candle using a drinks carton as a mould and by reusing old candles – this is a great way to recycle any you’ve got lying around.

To keep things simple, I’ve used just one colour of old candles but you could get very interesting results by using several colours. Just make sure they’re unscented (or all the same scent) and are made of the same wax as each other. The candle is bound together using 25% of fresh wax.\

You will need:

A drinks carton (mine was a 1ltr cranberry juice)
An icecube tray (which must never be used for ice afterwards)
Some old candles – only use pillar candles and votives
Some paraffin pillar blend wax (most candles you’ll buy are paraffin)
LX26 wick
Stirrer and wick stick/pencil

Mix and match ingredients as you like – just stick to one wax type and don’t use container wax or you’ll get a soft, unusable, candle.

3 thoughts on “how to make chunk candle

  1. OK cool. I want to make candles in mold.

  2. Wow I like it. I’ll try to make in my home

  3. Very nice information. I like the way you teach us. I tried same and I made beautiful candle thank you for your support sir.

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