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Personal Safety

Personal safety :- Now days we are fighting with highly infectious pathogens like viruses, bacteria and parasites etc. It is very important to protect us from them. below we are giving methods to protect us.

  1. Mask – There are lots of pathogens which infect our air ways and lungs like TB, they travel in the air and can infect us through our nose, mouth and eyes. to protect from them we have to use mask whenever we go in public or hospitals. types of mask there are mainly three types
  • Cloth Mask – A cloth face mask fits against the face using ear loops or ties around the head. multiple layers of fabric create a barrier between your nose and mouth, helping contain any respiratory droplets that you may breathe out. The Thicker the mask, the greater the barrier. But its our advice to use it as pollution mask only it is found that its effect is lesser than surgical mask and n95 mask.
  • Surgical Mask – these masks are disposable covers that are usually worn by surgeons and medical professionals as personal protective equipment during surgeries or other procedures. Surgical masks are designed to protect against respiratory droplets but don’t protect against smaller droplets. these masks are one time use purpose only and disposable.
Surgical mask with rubber ear straps. Typical 3-ply surgical mask to cover the mouth and nose. Procedure mask from bacteria. Protection concept.
  • N95 Mask –

N95 respirators and other professional-grade medical masks are carefully sized to form a tight seal between the air outside and the face. They are designed to protect healthcare workers from droplets in the air.

Respirators are highly effective when professionally fitted. Healthcare workers who wear N95 masks undergo a detailed test of the mask’s fit to ensure that it creates a full seal – a service currently unavailable to the general public.

Some reports have found that online sellers of “professional-grade masks” are actually selling ineffective counterfeits. N95s are currently considered an essential but scarce supply for healthcare workers. Avoid wearing these masks to conserve PPE

Covid Key

No Touch Door Opener tool is ideal for opening sliding doors, pulling down or up lever-type handles, and for pressing buttons on elevators and ATMs. Made from Sturdy Acrylic with 5MM Thickness, being naturally antimicrobial material, the hygiene hand door opener is a practical & durable tool that’s also lightweight, conveniently small (7 cm), and very easy to carry around with you when you’re on the go. The contactless safety door opener comes with a stylus point which can be used for pressing buttons on elevators, light switches, and ATMs. With its ergonomic design you can use this tool to open all kinds of doors, to press buttons, to easily maneuver lever handles, and to carry plastic shopping bags from the supermarket. Our self-cleaning Acrylic antimicrobial door opener tool provides you with the perfect means to avoid cross-contamination. This Acrylic door opener stylus comes with a Key Ring located at one end. Use your antimicrobial NO Touch Tool as a keychain or keep it inside your bag for easy & convenient use. Features Material: Acrylic Color: Black Item Length: 7 CM Item Width: 3 CM Thickness: 5 MM Item Weight: 6-8 g Appox

Face Shield

face shield, an item of personal protective equipment (PPE), aims to protect the wearer’s entire face (or part of it) from hazards such as flying objects and road debris, chemical splashes (in laboratories or in industry), or potentially infectious materials (in medical and laboratory environments).

sanitizer band –

Are you the one always sanitizing or the one too lazy to sanitize when it’s not near? s-band is for each of you. Human hands are the gateway for the virus to enter our body. Sanitizing your hands frequently is as essential as wearing mask, Masks have been made compulsory by Government of India, but they cannot make a rule for hand sanitization. There are n number of dispensers for sanitizer ( i.e Pocket bottle, contactless dispenser, foot operated dispenser etc) but we still tend to forget using those when it is required the most or it is not that convenient to use it all the time. G-band creates a habit of frequent sanitization. With G-band in hand, sanitization will be easy, fun and frequent. How G-band adds up to the convenience? – No more hassle of finding dispenser – Sanitizer will be just a squeeze away – Works for whole day in a single refill – From kids to aged people all can use it ,Personal hygiene in India is never taken seriously or because we do not have such products that makes personal hygiene a regular habit. G-band is Abhay’s first product in the direction of making Personal hygiene a normal thing in India Our main company, Greenvolt mobility on normal days make Electric vehicle

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